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Increase conversions with a secure, fraud-resistant checkout that brings your business fully in line
with the latest PSD2 legislation.

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A diagram shows integration with financial security services

Why PSD2 is safer

One little password is the only thing protecting you from fraud.
Boosts security by adding 3 authentication layers e.g. code from another device, token, face ID.

More customers for you!

A secure, frictionless checkout means customers can shop in confidence without frustrating delays. All the better for your business!

Recognized customers behavior
We exempt your regular and “known” customers from excessive checks so they flow through checkout quickly.
Unfamiliar customers behavior
When we see something/ someone suspicious, we get as strict as we need to.

Everyone wins with a smart checkout

We use advanced AI to assess each payment and apply just the right level of security

The end result: More happy customers. Everyone wins.
a diagram showing how pay's smart routing system updates failed cards

Any platform:

With our 3D-secure component, you’ll have an in-built, fully customizable UI up and running in minutes.

Web UI:

Works where you need it to - on web, iOS and Android.

Link-based payments:

When your customer requests a link, that’s exactly what they’ll get. Use our link to direct them to a secure, Pay-backed checkout page.

E-commerce Plugin:

Use our range of  3D secure plugins for the main ecommerce platforms - Magento, Shopify etc..

An in-depth look at PSD2

1. PSD2 in a nutshell

PSD2 is short for the Payment Services Directive (version) 2. It refers to a body of legislation that was intended to create a safer and more competitive payment landscape across Europe.

PSD2 diagram

2. What is SCA?

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is one of the requirements of PSD2. Its aim is to make online and (contactless) offline payments more secure. It asks merchants to add at least 2 of the following 3 authentication pathways into their online checkout:

Ask the customer for information they KNOW
( e.g a password )
Something the
customer HAS
( e.g a hardware token )
Ask the customer to prove who they ARE
( e.g a fingerprint or face ID ) 3ds2 security representation

What is an SCA exemption?

3DS2 applies security checks based on the perceived risk of a transaction so your regular customers are not inconvenienced by time-consuming security checks. Here’s how it works:

• The system decides how risky the transaction is based on the amount being spent and whether the shopper is known to your store

• Regular/familiar customers and those spending an expected amount are “exempted” from extra security measures

• Only unfamiliar customers, large sums and suspicious behavior is subject to more stringent checks.

What is 3DS2?

3D Secure 2 (3DS2) is the updated security protocol that was formerly 3D Secure 1 (3DS1). Here’s what you need to know:

• It protects customers shopping online with a credit or debit card

• It uses a secure three-way authentication process to confirm the buyer’s identity.

• It performs as many security checks as possible in the background so the customer gets a smoother shopping experience. SCA security representation
Ready to secure your checkout?

Create a 3D-secure, PSD2-compliant checkout now and attract more customers while keeping your existing ones happy.

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