Payments, straight up

Why wait around to get paid when you can fire-off a payment request link through your Pay dashboard and get your funds immediately?

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The fast, frictionless
way to get paid

It’s convenient for you and easy for your customers. Just send them a payment request link and remove the friction between you and your money!

Get paid fast
Easy, streamlined
payment requests
More closures
Less abandoned
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All channels supported

You’re in full control of what channel you use to reach your customers. Create, send and fully manage all your payment requests any way you want

You're in the driver’s seat

You want complete control of your payment requests and that’s what you’ll get with our convenient added functionality:

Expiry date - get paid exactly when you want by embedding an expiry date in your payment request
Customized URL - make your links ultra memorable with customized URLs
Authorized for payment

Share the load

Authorize other members of your payments team to send and manage payment requests all from one account. All hands on deck means smoother processing and faster payment times.

Fully integrated with the Pay platform

It’s all integrated within the Pay platform so you and your team can manage everything about payment requests directly from your personal dashboard.

Create new requests
Manage existing requests
Automate requests
Set expiry dates
Customise URLs

In safe hands

Like the rest of the Pay platform, the payment requests feature is fully secure and complies with the highest international security standards for each region. Get your money fast and let us take care of the security!

Ready to get paid?

In just a few moments, you’ll be all set to start receiving direct, fast payments.

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