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Let your customers make online payments any way they want to. Start getting paid ASAP!

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Mobile checkout page waiting for user confirmation
Integrate with all the major payment methods
Analyze transaction data with a
customized dashboard
Protect yourself from fraudulent
Optimize checkout page to increase sales
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B2B, B2C, D2C … :

meet your customers where they are and offer them the flexibility to use their favorite online payment method. Branded checkout pages, securely storing payment information for recurring purchases, and  all add to the experience.

Smooth and seamless experience

Flexible payment options

Branded checkout pages

a diagram showing how pay's smart routing system updates failed cards

Mobile, tablet, desktop :

It doesn’t matter if someone is using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or the operating system of their choice. We make it easy for you to offer an optimized online payment experience in all situations.

Seamless across all devices

Online payment experience in all situations.

Cross-platform uniformity

a diagram showing how pay's smart routing system updates failed cards

Possibilities are limitless :

Credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, Venmo, ApplePay - the possibilities are endless and everyone has their favorite way to pay. You can accept them all!

Wide variety of payment options

Tailored to your customers needs

Increased customer satisfaction

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Existing customer
If you’re already on board,  just make a request to add a new payment method in the personal customer area on our website. It’s that simple.
Future customer
Welcome to Pay! Just up a new account and you’ll be happily adding payment methods (and collecting $) in just a few short minutes.

4 Steps to Accepting Online Payments

1.Talk to us

We’ll ask you just a few questions about your business and your goals so that we can give you the best solution.

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2. Check your checkout page.

Within a few minutes your checkout page will be ready to go.

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3. Customize

Adjust your page to suit your brand, make sure you’ve got all the integrations you need.

A mobile ecommerce customization by system

4. Go Live!

Bring in those sales!                                                     

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Built with the customer in mind

Your customer should be the center of your universe. If they don't feel special when interacting with your website, well, let’s just say there are many other places to shop. Let them shop for what they want, when they want and how they want and they'll never want to leave you. customer centred avatar card customer centred avatar card
Main benefits
Choice, choices
Your customer chooses the payment method that works for them
Seamless process
Never let the wrong payment methods deter a sale
Fast closure
The more payment choices you offer the faster you close
VIP service
Preferred payment methods are stored in our system so it’ll be next time the customer comes calling
Start collecting online payments today

You’re only seconds away from adding a new payment system to your e-commerce site. Excited?

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